A little ABOUT VTA

Vincenzo Thomas Amato was born on 10/22/1975  in Los Angeles, California and raised in Reno / Lake Tahoe from the age of 3.  Vincenzo moved back to Los Angeles, CA in 1996 and attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and founded the alternative/funk/rock/jam band… SUPER J.   In 2003 Vincenzo branched out on his own to embark on his solo project:     V/T/A

Vincenzo has shared the stage with some of the most prominent bands in the music industry:  Robby Krieger of The DOORS, The Samples, FISHBONE, Billy Idol, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Peter Cornel, Rashawn Ross of the Dave Matthews Band, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Pato Banton, Anuhea, Skillinja, Josh Heinrichs, Marlon Asher, Lion Child, Rafael Moreira, Keyser Soze Warsaw, Lavish Green, Hemlock, LAW, Pennywise, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Dead Kennedys and The Back of The Hand Allstars… just to name a few!!

VTA’s LA Mafia of Misfits:  

(in any given form depending on the venue’s budget… LA shows only)

Scott Page of Pink Floyd on saxophone

Fredo Ortiz of The Beastie Boys on percussion

C-Money of Slightly Stoopid on trumpet

Norwood & John “Wet Daddy” Steward of FISHBONEon drums & bass

Rafael Moreira of Christina Agulara & Pink on guitars 

Eliza “Lizzard” James of Burt Bacharch & Paul Anka on violin

Jay O’Keefe, Luis Oliar, Jon Phillips & Rod Castro on guitars

More recently, in 2019 VTA moved back to the Reno/Tahoe and started... 

The Tahoe Tribe:

VTA on vocals & guitar 

Danny Barns on drums

Rob “R-Dub” Wheeler on bass

Seth Hall on saxophone


Vincenzo has remained cutting edge in his own music & style, and is 100% INDEPENDENT, Un-signed and Self managed.

Vincenzo's National TV debut came in 2000 on the Jenny Jones Show performing the single, “Mr. Magoo” with his band, Super J. Since then, Vincenzo's music has been heard on the following TV shows: The X-Games, Fox’s 54321, The Vans Triple Crown Series, Fuel TV… and many other Film & TV shows.

One of Vincenzo’s biggest crowd performance was at X-GAMES #11 on August 5th, 2005 at The Staples Center in LA.  Performing along with... Pennywise, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Dead Kennedys, just to name a few! 

In 2000, Vincenzo started Bandwagon Productions, an independent, full-service music company which specializes in background music placement for Film & TV.  Bandwagon's domination of music placement for extreme sport shows can be heard on the following shows:  The X-Games, FOX's 54321, The Vans Triple Crown Series, The US Open Of Snowboarding, The Professional Surfing Tour Of America, Blue Torch TV, FUEL TV, Re:Evolution TV, Adrenalina TV, M-80 TV, MTV's Road Rules, MTV's Real World, The Freeride Moto-X, The Sims World Cup Of Snowboarding, The THQ Supercross GP Series, The AMA Supercross Series, The X-Surf Series, The ESPN Moto-X Championships... just to name a few.



In 2006 Vincenzo helped open one of LA's 1st dispensaries, Perennial Holistic Wellness Center in Sherman Oaks & Studio City, CA.  Vincenzo was the General Manager until 2015 at Perenial.   


 In January of 2017 Vincenzo teamed up with the KYND Cannabis group as a consultant & manager  on the opening of MYNT Cannabis Dispensary in Reno, NV. 


In August of 2018  Vincenzo and his wife Mollie combined their love for each other and their love for CBD and CBD awareness  launching...